Top Tips On Capturing Stunning Landscape Photographs
Photograph In All The Seasons - Even taking the same picture at different times of the year will result in vastly different pictures. What might look drab in winter could come...

The Good Guide To Portrait Photography
Creating stunning portrait images is down to two key things - your ability to pose your subject and control the light. It really is that simple. Mastering these basics will...

Photography And The Law
Photographers by nature love to take photos of the world around us - it's what we do. Here in the UK there isn't one single law governing photography, so you're free to take...


How To Photograph Garden Birds
People travel hundreds of miles to take photographs of birds, but great pictures can be captured in your own back garden. The little sparrow or blue tit may not have the...


Focusing And Depth Of Field
Focusing on a single object is easy, but what if you want both near and distant objects to be sharp? For this you need to know how to control depth of field...


Top 10 Techniques: Creative Floral Photography
Perhaps the most striking photographic technique for any type of subject is back lighting. If the subject is translucent, such as leaves on a tree, the colour and shape will be...


Choosing The Right Lens For The Job
Choosing the right lens is essential for capturing great wildlife photographs, but different subjects require different lenses. Here’s a guide on what you’ll need, whatever your...


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