Beryl Spring, Yellostone Park, in the Gibbon River Valley. 20' in diameter, it churns, steams and overflows continuously, and is one of the hottest springs in the locality.

This image was taken in the late afternoon as the sun was falling behind the trees. The mist in the atmosphere created a ghost like image in the shadow of the trees.

Beryl Spring is located in the Gibbon Geyser Basin. It is one of the hottest springs in Yellowstone, averaging 196°F (91°C). It was named in 1883 for the blue-green colour which is the colour of the gemstone beryl.

The Gibbon Geyser Basin along the Gibbon River consists of the Chocolate Pots, Sylvan Springs, Artist Paint Pots, Geyser Creek, Gibbon Hill and Monument Basin. Each group is small but unique and different in size, shape and colour. The Chocolate Pots are the most unusual group. They consist of a small collection of dark-brown cones coloured by sinter containing more than 50% iron oxide.

Beryl Spring, Yellowstone National Park


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